About us

Minnesota Adventist Prison Ministries (MAPM) is a subsidiary of the MN Conference of Seventh-day Adventists since January, 2011. We are committed to serving Seventh-day Adventists currently involved in prison ministry, while providing practical guidance for those interested in getting involved or setting up new prison ministries. We provide Bible studies, Bible correspondence (via mail), and worship services within the MN Correctional Facilities (MCFs of the MN Department of Corrections). We also participate in Christmas Behind Bars (CBB) on a small scale, and participated in the Angel Tree program in 2014. MAPM will continue to grow in terms of the programs it offers and participates in.


MAPM is dedicated to serving those who are currently involved in prison ministry in Minnesota and those who desire to develop an effective prison ministry program.


We will provide a forum for collaborative capacity building, information sharing, networking, program development, resource development, training, and communicating ministry programs to those providing ministry to inmates or their families who have been adversely affected by their incarceration in a correctional facility.

Board members

  • Andrew
  • Pastor David
  • Debra
  • Donna
  • Steve
  • Margaret
  • Stephen
  • Ann
  • Nina
  • Robert
  • Rosemaris