Update Re: Ministry in the Prisons/Jails

Although the MN Correctional Facilities (MCFs) are reopening on a timely basis, they still have to contend with the COVID -19 virus. Intermittently, these facilities have to lockdown because of the presence of the virus. However, they reopen as soon as all is well. This means that MAPM’s visits will not be as consistent as scheduled – in other words, our admission into these facilities are dependent on the presence of the virus (within the individual MCF). Despite these setbacks, our volunteers are on standing-by ready to be admitted into the facilities when all is well.

Regarding the Benton County Jail in Foley, MAPM still goes in on the second and fourth Thursdays monthly. The meetings are still conducted via technology – the volunteers and offenders are kept in separate rooms – not face to face. Let us pray that God will continue to sustain us and keep us through these perilous times we are experiencing now and in the future.


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